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The Carrollton Leader - Fashion for All - August 2017

Fashion For All AllyKat Boutique In the Press

Fashion or All- Carrollton Leader- August 2017

Fashion for All

Mother, daughter do discuss their local boutique

When small business owners Allyson Sterling and Katherine Hawthorne found it hard to find the perfect clothes for their body types, the two decided to open up AllyKat Boutique. They strive to help women feel beautiful and confident. With the support of the community, this mother and daughter duo have been serving the ladies of Carrollton for nearly 2 years.

 Can you talk about where each of you grew up?

    We both grew up in Northern Virginia just outside of DC our nations capitol!

When did you start AllyKat Boutique?

     We started AllyKat Boutique in February of 2016 working in direct sales. We knew then the DS world would not be our forever home and in May of this year we made the leap! We are a month and a half into selling out own line and love it more than words can properly say! The freedom this has provided us has been absolutely amazing.

What inspired you to start a fashion boutique?

     We have both, Ally & Kat, been plus size and worn smaller sizes throughout our lives and shopping is HARD. Finding the perfect outfit is near impossible and being able to go out with friends and go shopping at a place where your entire group can find adorable clothing in your sizes just does not happen. We wanted to build a better boutique, a boutique that serviced all women from all backgrounds and all shapes. Before opening AllyKat Boutique, Ally worked in retail management and was voted best dressed all throughout school. Kat owned hew own businesses and dressed Ally all throughout school. 

How did you get the name for your boutique?

     Kat came up with our name! She combined (Ally)son and (Kat)herine and AllyKat Boutique was born.

What's your favorite fashion Accessory?

     A good long necklace can take an everyday basic dress to something truly special. Plus you can never have enough!

How did you get your business off the ground?

     Our business is built on the referrals of others. We knew when women realized they all could come and shop together the ball would start rolling and it surely has.

Why do you model the clothes yourself instead of hiring models?

     We model the clothing ourselves because, let's be real, a models body is not OUR body.

What's it like to run a business as a mother, daughter duo?

     The best thing ever. We are able to hang out with one another, bounce ideas off of one another and lean on one another. Last year being able to work from home with our boutique gave us the ability to plan All's wedding together from start to finish! All in all we would not change it for anything.

What do you like to do for fun?

     We love to go explore all of the local small businesses and restaurants in the DFW area! #foodies So many amazing gems surround us in this city! Kat loves being able to spend time with her children and Ally loves spending time with her siblings. 

What are each of your favorite movies?

     Katherine's favorite movie is "Love Actually." Allyson's favorite movie is "Boondock Saints."

Favorite food?

     Allyson's favorite food is Tex Mex. Katherine's favorite food is sushi.

Favorite TV show?

     Allyson's favorite TV Show is "Dexter." Katherine's favorite TV Show is "Bates Motel."