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AllyKat Boutique is a mother & daughter duo who were sick of the sizing discrimination in the fashion retail industry. We’ve all witnessed it- the cute store with the newest trends, and a tiny “plus size” area hidden in the back of the store. And if that’s not bad enough, can we talk about the dreaded walk to our section? That feeling like everyone is watching you march into a somehow shameful territory. By the time you pack up your anxiety and walk back there, you realize the items aren’t even the same as the pretty cinched outfits you saw in the window. Que the endless thoughts of self-doubt and the “why do I bother” attitude. It’s enough to put a dent in a beautiful soul.

Ally & Kat have been just about every size you could possibly think of. They knew they were tired of being “that” girl. The one who dreads shopping with her friends. The one who can never find anything to wear, and instead decides not to go. The one who holds her head far too low as she walks down the street. They were determined to change that. Not just for themselves, but for every woman in America.

Two years ago, Ally & Kat decided that they would infiltrate the broken societal standard of beauty, and offer self-confidence to women of all sizes.

AllyKat Boutique was born.

The inspiring duo swore from the beginning that they would stay true to their mission: to sell every item in sizes small through 3XL, for ANYONE who wants to feel confident and comfortable. They offer a little sass, a ton of love for their customers, and a whole lot of style.

After two years of growth, you can bet they aren’t slowing down any time soon.

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