YukBGone Sanitizing Spray

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If you haven't heard the BUZZ yet, you will soon! AllyKat Boutique is honored to carry YukBGone in the best selling scent Butt Naked!

YukbGone is the ultimate hygiene solution and it is the only non-toxic hand sanitizer and toilet seat spray.

The product is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle! 

Natural hand and surface cleaner

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Helps mask odors

Convenient size

  • Fits into a pocket, small purse, backpack or car compartment
  • Perfect for travel and on-the-go
  • Easy to use

Multiple uses

  • Spritz on shopping cart handles for a natural clean
  • Spritz down high chairs at restaurants then swipe clean with a napkin
  • Spray on baby changing tables to wipe clean the surface
  • Have fly away hair, spritz YukBGone on your hands and smooth away flyaway hairs
  • Spritz on toilet seats in public areas to wipe clean the surface
  • Great for camping trips and outdoor events
  • Spritz on an envelope to seal instead of licking it
  • Spray on a paper towel and place it in a drawer to mask odor

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