Oversized Bath Bombs

A single oversized 3.5" Bath Bomb in the scent of your choice. Choose from 7 of our 8 signature scents that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. We never use any artificial scents, dyes, chemicals, or preservatives. Granny always said that a found button is good luck, so we put a vintage button in every bath bomb so y'all will have good luck too!

  • Brianne 

    Grapefruit and Vanilla 
    Brianne's scent combines fresh grapefruit zest and pure vanilla to create a slightly sweet citrus scent. 

  • Ginger 

    Orange and Jasmine 
    Ginger beautifully blends orange and jasmine with hints of coffee and cinnamon for an exotic fragrance. 

  • Miranda 
    Vanilla Peppermint 
    Miranda's fragrance pairs peppermint essential oil and vanilla, creating an invigorating and energetic blend. 
  • Hannah 

    Lavender and Vanilla 
    Hannah's fragrance uses dried lavender grown in France to inspire the wildflower in all of us. 

  • Sarah 

    Sugar Cookie 
    Sarah's fragrance combines pure vanilla, raw sugar, and a dash of sprinkles for fun, just like her. 

  • Claire
    Lemon and Lilac
    Claire's scent uses beautiful, clean lemon essential oil, fresh lemon zest, and a slight hint of florals that is sure to brighten any day. 
  • Geneva 

    Rose and Sweet Pea 
    Geneva's fragrance includes a delicate bouquet of fresh, dried rose petals and buds with sweet pea for a classic, beautiful scent. 

Scentful Soaks Organic and Certified essential oils, coconut oil, citric acid, Epsom salt, baking soda: may contain powdered milk, cream of tartar, fruit zest, dried florals, crushed candy, sprinkles and spices. 

Handmade in Texas


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