Alpaca Dryer Balls

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AllyKat Boutiques Alpaca Dryer Balls are made from Alpaca Fiber right here in Texas! They are Hypoallergenic and Eco Friendly let our Alpaca Dryer balls replace those Toxic Dryer Sheets full of chemicals in your home. They will drastically reduce your drying time and static cling. They are extremely durable and will last and last and last!  Did I mention my favorite part?? They will work with your favorite essential oils!! 
  • Simply toss 3 dryer calls into the dryer and call it a day! For scent and extra benefits add one drop of your favorite essential oil per ball 
Pleas note Alpaca Dryer Balls will get harder and smaller over time as they are all natural and hand felted! But that does not reduce the effectiveness of your Alpaca Dryer Balls, these will last you months and months!

The local farm that is worked with to make these just outside of Dallas Texas donates a portion of the barns space to hold supplies for the Homeless! Have I said how much I love these yet?!

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